Saturday Morning ❤️


We went to check out the farmers markets this morning. Unfortunately there was very little since still early in year. I was however able to get a few bunches of beautiful kale (I will use in juices). There were very nice baby booties so I bought Lunabella two pairs (she had no shoes that fit currently!).

After we went to both farmers market locations I stopped at a grocery store to get some produce. The above picture is everything I got this morning. Organic bananas were on sale so had to get some! Likely will freeze some as we have been enjoying many nice cream variations lately. I bought some asparagus which I’m excited to try raw as I have only cooked in the past.

Once I got everything put away I went and did some garden work for my father inlaw. Lunabella had a nap while I wore her in Tula and I pulled weeds and moss. I was very happy to be outside and not be rained on!

By this time Lunabella and I were very hungry for lunch. I gave Lunabella a banana to eat while I made us a smoothie bowl. My smoothie bowl consisted of 6 bananas, frozen cherries/berries and 1 tsp chia seeds. I enjoy eating beautiful looking foods. It fills me with so much happiness. image

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