What I eat💕

imageToday was a great day! I’ve really been addicted to nice cream so not only did I have it for breakfast but also lunch!!! It makes me so happy to wake up and literally eat something that tastes like chocolate ice cream ….. But it’s good for you! AND you can eat as much as you want of it!!!!!! No guilty feelings of eating something “bad”. For dinner I had a brownie batter smoothie. Basically aside from kale chips for a snack- I lived off chocolate (cacao) today. Yep, great day!

imageManaged to get out for a morning walk with my father inlaw as well as a very long 3+ hour afternoon walk. I love days like this…. Basically it’s the norm when living off fruit energy. You just want to keep doing things! It feels great.

imageDamian also ate spotty bananas!!!!! This makes it an extra great day! He will have them in smoothies but he would always say they are too ripe to eat….. I noticed he started eating them and enjoying them! It made me feel really happy. Not sure how you couldn’t enjoy ripe bananas… Soooo sweet and gooey!!

imageI ordered a new work out program today. Pretty excited to see my fruit gains! Ready to step it up a bit and get back at it 150%. I’ve taken a two week break as I had a cold then let a tattoo heal. I’m super anxious to get started with this new program!!! Now that I have officially lost all the weight I wanted to I can just see what the next step is for my body.

Random yummy pics of food I have made / eaten in last couple days!

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