When people don’t understand 🤔

Basically every time I go shopping people make me feel like a freak… I switched grocery stores and I hadn’t experienced it at my last regular store. People just don’t understand why I would be buying 100 bananas. Or 20 mangos (really that’s not many at all!!!!).

I love our town. I love living here. I’ve had several experiences that feel rather uncomfortable while I have been out grocery shopping. I thought I would share and perhaps it may make those experiences less often.

It’s become apparent to me that many people are not used to seeing people buy produce in high quantities. I am a raw vegan. I eat fresh fruits and veggies with small amounts of nuts/seeds. I know many people are not familiar with this lifestyle so it may seem really strange when you see someone like me out shopping.

To the produce guy who had to drop what he was doing 20 feet away and yell “oh my god!!!”. I can hear you. I could also hear you as you went to the back to yell I was taking all the bananas. You came out after to ask if I wanted more bananas after I cleared the shelf. Honestly I did- but said no thank you so I didn’t have to bite my tongue for a third time. Don’t worry I did not complain nor do I want to. I know you just aren’t used to seeing this happen. I’m hoping next time it won’t be as weird for you. You see… I used to go to a different grocery store. I would call and order produce ahead of time because I eat so much of it. It was normal at that store. No employees ever made me feel like I was a freak. Well, I moved so now I will be going to the store you work at. I love produce so we have something in common. 🙂 no hard feelings… Don’t want to put anyone on the spot or make you feel bad so hoping this may reach you.

To other people shopping in the store. I don’t own a monkey, make baby food, or shop for a restaurant. I really just eat it. Yes I know it’s a lot. I teach my kids that everyone is different. I would never laugh in your face or say rude comments in front of my kids or better yet your kids. It’s ok to ask questions if you are curious but please remember like you I’m a person too. We may be different but we are both just trying to get what we need and get home. I have two kids and when I’m doing errands I’m just trying to getter done and get back to them (if they aren’t with me).

The world is made up of all different people and that’s ok!! Just maybe when you see someone that is different than you try to think before you react.

Just some thoughts in my head tonight. 💕

One thought on “When people don’t understand 🤔

  1. This is so well expressed, Ali. You are very respectful. It is a strange world, when someone makes you feel bad for eating the healthiest food available. Since I learned about the unhealthy Ness of processed food, I silently worry about people whose carts are full of boxes and packages loaded with chemicals, that have no nutrition at all. I have learned a lot from you about good nutrition. You make the most delicious food on the planet. You are doing a good thing helping de-mystify the joy of eating natural, healthy, fruits and veggies. Sometimes we should go back to the other store and load up!


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