Nice cream love


My love for nice cream continues to grow every day. It’s like I have a committed relationship to it. I can have it for every meal. So many different variations it never gets old.

Lastnight I made vanilla chai nice cream. Damian and Brian loved it. It was very good. I was still thinking of chocolate so I made my regular cacao nice cream.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more beautiful ….. This happened this morning. Rainbow nice cream. Got the idea from fully raw Kristina’s YouTube channel (Easter nice cream). So beautiful. I took that idea but changed up the colors. Each layer was approx two frozen bananas. For the first layer beet powder was used for color, then turmeric, spirulina and then frozen berries for very top layer. I absolutely love my food to be pretty so this speaks to me.

If you love ice cream, why not try nice cream? It’s a cruelty free, no guilt feeling delicious, healthy treat! In my case it’s a complete food group!

Basic nice cream:

Vitamix: blend 6 frozen bananas, using tamper to push down.

Food processor: use “s” blade to blend.

Regular blender: use two fresh bananas and add chunks of four frozen bananas. You may need to stop, turn blender off and push down bananas. You can add a tiny bit of water if necessary.

You can add cacao, vanilla, berries or whatever you would like to change the flavor. Top with your favourite fruit/toppings! Enjoy!

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