Raw Lifestyle on a Budget✔️

imageimageAlright. Today I had to get groceries. Only thing was I only had $60 cash on me. $60 can get me a lot of bananas…..but I already have bananas so was hoping for something else.

I went to No Frills grocery store. I headed straight to their clearance rack. Wasn’t expecting much but thought would see if any clearance bananas. To my surprise there were tons of cantaloupe 50% off! I ended up getting 17 cantaloupe for $21.88. I absolutely love melons so this made me very happy! I also got pears, lemons, tomatoes and orange peppers all at 50% off. There wasn’t one out of everything that had to be thrown out either! It was pretty awesome!

Next I went to Walmart. I got mixed greens (organic!) at 50% off as well as 10 jalapeños 50% off.

Between the two stores I spent $59.51. I got enough food to last me at least 5 days. I had no idea what exactly I would get as I went to store. I let the clearance section guide me, lol.

With the tomatoes I made Pico de Gallo. This will go over the greens and lettuce I got along with a homemade dressing. I love Mexican food and this salad is divine. And with it being so cheap it makes it even better!

The melons I will have mono meals of for breakfast. I typically eat melon just by spooning it out but occasionally I will blend it as a drink.

Eating a raw vegan diet does not need to be expensive at all. Some quick tips I have learned are:
💜ask for deals if you buy in bulk/by the case
💜check out clearance racks/ugly produce tables
💜bananas are cheap year round
💜always buy what’s in season
If you lI’ve in a tropical climate and have access to great, cheap fruit all year- even better! Y

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