What I ate today 🍌


I woke up at 6 am today. Got up, warmed up and did my workout. It felt great! Post workout I ate one cantaloupe. I then felt hungry still so I blended two cantaloupes. I have been really enjoying them blended! It’s super frothy and tasty.

Mid morning I made my first nice cream of the day. This consisted of 6 frozen bananas, cacao powder and cacao nibs.

Lunch was a complete repeat of my nice cream earlier. Except this time it was 9 bananas (6 frozen, 3 fresh on top). This held me over all afternoon while I did errands. Lunabella and I both had chiropractor appointments today (was so needed and amazing), filed our taxes (boring) and Damian got a hair cut.

After errands I took the kiddos for a nice evening walk. By time we got home I was starting to get hungry. Made a simple salad with a head of iceberg lettuce, Pico de gallo, and a dressing (blended celery, red pepper, lime, garlic, jalapeño, and 2 tbs cashews).

I was feeling like I wanted more fruit later in the evening soooo…..you guessed it… I made nice cream. Lol. Used roughly 4 frozen bananas this time.

For best digestion eat your salad last after all fruit….honestly I’m feeling pretty great and haven’t had any issues though.

Although I usually eat nice cream daily I don’t think I have made three times in a day before! It just kinda happened that way today. I wasn’t bored or wanting anything else. Super satisfied every meal!

My calories consumed were 3047. Macros 82/7/11.

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