A scratch at the surface of raw

imageDo you ever feel like you are never enough? It’s like you are constantly chasing after a reality that will never actually be reality. You need to have longer hair, whiter teeth, gotta lose a few pounds, need a better car…….it goes on and on. Why is it we often think these things? Are we truly trying to make ourself happy or are we trying to appear to be to the outside world?

When I commit to eating 100% raw amazing things happen. I feel as though I become my greatest self. I become very much in tune with my emotions and body. I can pick up energy so much stronger. Decisions are made easier. I slowly stop caring what others think of me. Everything feels simple. I have never tried to put into words how this process feels but I’m trying. First my body starts to feel better. Digestion is good, no bloating (unless you poorly combine things!), feel leaner, feel stronger. Once my body is really feeling good that just becomes my normal. Next I notice my senses become more sensitive. Smells be one stronger (not always a good thing!!!!). My mind becomes way more clear- even from eating cooked whole foods “clean diet” to raw was a huge change. My emotions become stronger- no longer is food used as a crutch or mask. When I am 100% raw I no longer find myself comparing myself to others. I truly feel happy within myself and feel good where I am at on this journey.

I would describe this lifestyle as morphing. It’s like a continual transformation. You just continue getting better. It will take time but it happens. You do start to feel it almost immediately. Right now I am on day 50 100% raw. The last time I stayed raw it was 13 months. I have experienced how great it feels and that is what I want for my life. It might not always feel easy but it is worth it. Every day you are going to be getting closer to where you want to be. It’s really a journey of self love and appreciation for life.

Be selfish. Love yourself enough to choose health and vitality.

I am vegan for the animals and environment. I am raw for my health. I choose love every time I eatđź’•

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