imageI love waking up and no longer feeling the need or desire for makeup. I love living simply. I feel my most happy and carefree when I am just me. No thought of wondering what someone else may think. I used to love wearing makeup. I thought it made me look better. Truth is I was just searching for something to make me feel validated by others. I no longer scrub my face at the end of day taking coats of makeup off. No matter what I did I would feel my eyes would be black from leftover eye makeup. I don’t have anything against makeup. I just know life feels so much easier when I don’t feel a need for it. I enjoy feeling good in my body. I feel amazing no longer feeling a need to have something to hide in.

Any time I have been 100% raw it quickly changes my self image.  I first learned and went raw in 2013. I completely stayed makeup free the entire 13 months I was raw then. Over the course of the following two years I would go back and forth between cooked and raw. Each time I would go from raw I would feel a need as if I was missing something. I needed something to feel better. Then I would get back to raw and again I would stop feeling this need for it.

It has become so clear to me that raw is what fills me with the most self love. It makes me feel so amazing I no longer feel a need to hide behind things. I can wake up in the morning put clothes on and leave house. I am just me.

I choose to love myself and no longer feel a need or want for anyone’s approval. Love me or not it no longer determines my self worth.

*this is in no way to say anything negative against people who enjoy makeup. Different things make different people happy. This is just what I notice within myself consistently.*

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