image.jpegI love these two kids so much. I want them to have a life full of joy, love and peace. I want them to be raised to be compassionate.

I have been trying to declutter, donate, recycle and organize my family’s belongings for the past few months. I have been working towards a minimalist lifestyle. In January we bought an RV trailer to move our family of four into. I then spent a month straight selling what felt like everything we owned. By February 15th we had completely moved into the RV. It was a very easy move since I had sold most of our belongings. Now that it has been two+ full months I am finding even more things to let go of. Now I look at an item and if it isn’t necessary or a favorite it isn’t something to keep.

Today I worked on going through my clothing. When you start getting down to the bare minimum it starts to get a little more tough. I have been going through my clothes every couple weeks letting go of more things each time. Today I have made great progress. It feels good to be freed of things that are just taking up space but at the same time it feels a little scary. For so many of us we have been brought up thinking how many things you have determines your wealth or even your worth.

The next thing I have been working very hard on is purging plastic. The main goal for me is to be completely waste free. I do recycle and compost everything that I can but I know I can do more. To achieve this waste free goal I need to eliminate plastic from my life completely. To understand how difficult this is just pay attention next time you go grocery shopping. Everything is covered in plastic. This will mean I cannot buy anything in a package. No processed foods, cosmetics, personal hygiene products, etc. I will slowly be replacing anything in the RV that is a plastic item (toys, hair brush, tooth brush etc).

Just a little peek into parting with things in an already small space.

The plastic was the most hard at first. It has been something I have been working on for a while now but the last month really been going at. Will go further into why I think plastic is one of the worst things very soon! Time has been limited lately!

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