What I Ate Today ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿป


People often wonder what does someone who eats raw have in a day?! Basically eating is extremely simplified! Prepping for meals takes literally seconds. It’s great if you are feeling lazy LOL.

Breakfast was two cantaloupes blended.

Couple hours later I had a snack of three pears.


Lunch was pretty exciting for me as it was the first meal in months I was able to eat to myself! My husband was at work, son at school and baby asleep! I appreciated every bite more than ever! I had nice cream made up of 6 frozen bananas, 1 tbs cacao and topped with 8 cut up dates. Super delicious!!



After school I made my son and I a veggie tray. I made a cashew garlicky ranch dip. Damian really enjoyed it!




Afterwards I took both kiddos for a walk and enjoyed two more pears.

My last food of the day was 3 navel oranges.

Everything was very satisfying and extremely simple. Perfect for when you are constantly on the go chasing a baby! Food doesn’t have to be complicated!

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