Watermelon Mojito

As I’m on day 3 of my watermelon island I sit here thinking about a yummy drink I could make. On a sunny, hot day a yummy drink in hand is always appreciated!

I came up with a watermelon mojito. I promise it tastes as divine as it sounds!

What you will need:

•10 mint leaves
•1 lime (sliced into wedges)


First add half the lime wedges and all of the mint leaves into your glass. Make sure you choose a sturdy glass as you will now need to use a muddler (or even a big spoon will do) to smash up the lime and leaves. This will release mint oils and lime juice.


Next fill your glass with ice. Now you can blend up enough watermelon to fill your cup (you can juice it if you prefer).

Add your watermelon juice to your cup and toss in the remaining lemon wedges. Enjoy!


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