Watermelon Island Day 4


Every day we have the opportunity to fill our bodies with love. I make the choice to choose love at every meal.

I’m feeling really great today. We are going out for dinner with my inlaws at what used to be my favorite restaurant. It will be my first “test” since being back to 100% raw. I honestly don’t even feel sad or like I am missing out. It’s all about being in the right mindset. I will take my watermelon along and all will be well.

My husband told me we could go this evening to pick up more watermelon- quite happy about that! Currently have only 5 left so will grab another 4-5. I am hoping to finish watermelon island on Sunday. Will see how goes tho! I’m feeling like I’m making a lot of progress internally so I am really happy to continue on watermelon island.



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