Watermelon Island

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July of 2014 I did watermelon island for 7 days followed by a 3 day water fast* and then ended with another day of watermelon. During that period of time I really connected with spirituality and felt my intuition become very strong. I really couldn’t compare any other time in my life where I felt that amazing. It was definitely life altering. That feeling is what I always held on to to be the best feeling I could physically, mentally and spiritually achieve. For nearly two years I have had that memory in my mind counting down until when I do again. Due to being pregnant I did not do last summer.

*I just want to be clear that I am not recommending water fasting. At that time I felt it was a fine thing to do on my own. Water fasting should be supervised and never attempted on your own especially when have no medical background. This is something I will not do again unless at a safe, experienced centre with doctors. *

Today I’m ending my watermelon island on day 10.

There were a few reasons why I chose to do watermelon island. One was because I was chasing that high I felt nearly two years ago and the second was to try to cleanse my body of parasites. Yep- parasites. Don’t be too alarmed chances are incredibly high you have them too. Without going into major detail scaring you off I will just say watermelon island has been absolutely amazing for it! This is a long process that won’t be done in ten days but I feel as though my body is very thankful for this experience.

My stomach feels amazing, no bloating whatsoever. My skin looks so good. I feel light, have energy and lost a few pounds.

Prior to the start of watermelon island I did a 7 day rainbow island cleanse and the day before that I went overt fat free. I want to really say that I have experienced a huge difference in my body cutting out overts. In 18 days I have lost ten pounds, my digestion is even better than before, my body feels capable of doing physically more, and the nasty parasites seem to hate it as they are leaving daily. (Maybe in a future post I will share more on that but don’t want to freak you out 😉)

Next I am going straight into an orange juice feast. I have no set time limit for this. Simply going to follow my body’s cues and proceed from there.

Health is incredibly important to me. We must make choices daily that will be positive for our bodies, mind and spirit.

2 thoughts on “Watermelon Island

  1. Would love if you did a future post discussing the parasite cleansing you’ve experienced. I think that is an issue for me and haven’t quite found the right protocol to get them moving out of me!


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