The last 4-5 years have been a continual road to self discovery. I have explored and deepened my connection to spirituality, strengthened my intuition, grown my love and respect for our earth, and have become very intune with my mind and body.

For as long as I can remember I have always picked up energy from others. I have had to accept this as a blessing-although over the years it felt like a curse. So many times I would get an immediate feeling about someone when I knew nothing about them. I often tried to brush it off telling myself I’m crazy and everything is fine. It would only be a matter of a very short amount of time before it was proven to be true. The worst being when you had to act friendly to people like this when everything inside you is telling you to go the opposite direction of them.

When I turned 25 and realized I was vegan (it literally happened on own through choices I made without realizing) I feel I became awoken in my life. My path had led me to Buddhism which greatly connected and grounded myself spiritually. Along the way I experienced many surreal moments. So many things have happened where it’s like I had already experienced them happening. Or I somehow just knew things but had no idea how. I have many times dreamt exact scenarios which come to life later down the road.

Two years ago during a fast I experienced something which I can only compare to being in a different dimension. During this experience I made some pretty important life changes. Now I feel as though the same thing has happened. Although this time it’s like something internally has shifted. Yesterday when this came over me I had so much peace inside like my soul finally connected with my body (does that even make sense?!). Searching for words to explain this is very difficult.

For some time I have been drawn to a name. Even during pregnancy it came up- although didn’t feel right for our baby. I was still unsure why I held this connection to a name. Yesterday it just came over me. The name was meant for me. Once I accepted and absorbed that in I was overcome with peace inside.

I have always believed we live more than once. Yes, I’m one of those people who believe after we die we go on to our next life. Yes, I also have believe in spirits (or “ghosts”) my whole life (that’s another story tho!).

I have lived my life never feeling connected to the name Alison (sorry mom I love you). I like the name Ali but have never felt like I resonate with it inside. The easiest way to describe it is when I think of myself as “Ali” I do not feel as one (mind, body, soul) I separate myself from the name.

I very much feel the need to honour and trust my intuition. Too many years in this life I ignored my intuition. I have jumped in 100% to trusting my greater being and feel this is right.

I would like to publicly share the name which I have decided to take. Aria Rose. I will keep my last name Chase as I enjoy having the shared connection with my husband.

2 thoughts on “Evolve

  1. Beautiful story! Aria Rose fits you! You are a special beautiful soul and can say even though we have never met I love and admire you and one day hope we can meet! You have inspired me in so many ways!


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