Vanilla Strawberry Nice Cream


Chocolate sauce:
14 pitted medjool dates
2 tbs carob powder
1 cup water

Blend all chocolate sauce ingredients until very smooth consistency. It tastes soooooooo good!!!!! I then let it sit in fridge while I made the nice cream.

Strawberry vanilla nice cream:

2 cups fresh strawberries (you can use frozen but may need to add a small amount of water to blend. If fresh don’t worry about cutting the greens off!)
1 tbs vanilla powder (just grind up vanilla beans)
6-8 frozen bananas (depending how much you will eat)


Using a food processor with the “s” blade on high speed combine the strawberries and vanilla powder. This wet mixture will make it easy to start blending in the frozen bananas (which you can add in to processor now!)plus the strawberries and vanilla will be evenly mixed! Slowly pulse the bananas in until you can see beginning to mix. Then you can switch to high speed.

At this point you can put in bowl and top with the chocolate sauce and fresh strawberries. If you used less bananas and would like your nice cream more firm just put in freezer a half hour before you scoop it into bowl.

Personally I couldn’t wait and ate mine right away, lol. This was def one of my favourites to date!


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