Chiropractic Care for Everyone


I started routinely going to the chiropractor during my pregnancy with my second baby. It wasn’t until a week before my wedding and I was 29 weeks pregnant. I won’t forget that Friday morning when I woke up and literally couldn’t walk. My first reaction was fear and panic. I was 7 months pregnant AND getting married in only a week. I looked up chiropractor in phone book and got an appointment with the second one I called. That day my lovely relationship started with chiropractic care.

I knew very little about chiropractic care prior to my first visit. I only knew to go because I had been suggested it as an option in an online mommy group. I hadn’t gone before because I thought it was only needed if you had a back injury. After my first appointment I knew this was a life changer.

I began to do a lot of research on chiropractic care. I wanted to know as much as possible. How could I have not known something so beneficial existed? I learned that chiropractic care is preventative care. When your body is working at its best performance it is more capable of preventing injury as well as doing its best at healing. So many things can interfere with your body’s performance and being in alignment is huge.

Chiropractic care is great for babies. When babies are born they have very soft bones. The delivery process is very labor intensive on little ones. Pushing and twisting into all different positions. Imagine how that must feel! Then as the months go on your baby is moving around more, exploring. So many possibility for a little baby to be out of alignment. My little one had her first visit at 6 weeks. Turns out her pelvis was off from her forceps delivery. My chiropractor told me this would’ve definitely limited her when came time to crawl. Twice I took my baby in for an extra appointment because she had a cold (I normally take her once a month). Both times she had immediate relief! I also learned how chiropractic care is amazing for babies with colic, constipation (Chiropractor will help the nervous system through an adjustment. ), difficulty breastfeeding (May need adjustment due to neck being limited. This will be causing pain and often baby will favour one side nursing), head tilting to one side, breathing problems (including allergies and asthma), among other things! Any time I tell someone I am taking my baby to a chiropractor they always look horrified! It is not the same adjusting as with adults. The best way I read to describe to someone is to picture applying pressure to a ripe tomato without breaking the skin. That is how gentle chiropractors are with babies.

Chiropractic care helps to make sure there are no imbalances or restrictions through the important time of growing. Just like bones your child’s nervous system is also growing quickly. The nervous system includes the brain, spinal cord and millions of nerves. Through adjustments your chiropractor is able to ensure the nervous system can be at its peak.

The techniques used for adults through adjustments are typically the same as for babies and children. The major difference is the amount of force and pressure used. Like I said- the amount of pressure used on a baby is equal to when testing the ripeness of a tomato. It is with delicate and gentle care when used on babies.

There are a few key times that are important to take your baby to chiropractor. After birth- delivery can be extremely traumatic. Major milestones such as learning to sit up, crawling, walking- it is important for your baby to be comfortable as well as not learn to do things out of proper alignment (for best results physically). Any falls, accidents or trauma- be sure to have baby checked ASAP! If you notice any imbalance in body or head tilting- could be a kink or out of alignment which can cause pain.

At each visit my chiropractor checks alignment. He feels each vertebrae to see if misaligned. He will then do tiny adjustments on my baby. These adjustments simply move the misaligned vertebrae back into alignment.

The first time I took Lunabella in I was unsure of what her reaction would be. What he has me do is hold her with her head on my shoulder. He feels her neck and all along her spine. The first time she had three adjustments. Immediately it was like she sighed out of relief. She was completely at peace. Every time is the same. I truly believe she knows it is good for her. It must free of any restrictions she felt.

We only have one body, it deserves the best care. As a mom not only do I need to stay in great health- I also want my children to have the best health which is why my family has a chiropractor. If you have never gone before, don’t be afraid! You have nothing to lose by going and only health to gain!

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