Beautiful Morning

I have been feeling so busy lately that I decided to put a little time into myself this morning.

A few days ago I received my face mask from Lava Love. So today was the day I decided to try it for the first time.

While I was waiting for my face mask to dry, I dry brushed my body (if you are not sure what this is about check out this video. Then it was time for my enema. Successfully evicted one nasty parasite (trust me, you have them too- yuck!) Good bye! Not welcome in my body, thx! By now my mask was dry.

Had a shower and finished it off as a cold water shower. So refreshing! If you are interested in learning about why cold showers are beneficial I greatly encourage it!! They help improve circulation, make you feel more alert, reduces stress/depression, encourages muscles recovery/speeds up soreness, great for skin/hair, and stimulates weight loss! If you are scared by the thought of this don’t worry I was right there with you! You can ease into it. If something benefits me I’m willing to give it a shot!

My face feels so fresh and smooth! I just want to say I don’t get anything for recommending this face mask. I just get excited about good products. There is only THREE ingredients. Limited, quality ingredients are such a huge plus in my opinion!

Lunabella is also having a nap right now! This morning really is starting off amazing. Today, like every day is going to be a great day.

Watermelon smoothie has my name on it as soon as she wakes!

Take the time to do little things for yourself in your busy life. You are worth it!

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