In Memory a Lesson Taught

On June 13th 2011 my favorite customer died. It was the same day we celebrated my sons 5th birthday.

I will never forget this man and his wife. I saw him only two days prior. Something inside me kept telling me to spend extra time talking with them that day. I had no idea he was sick, I had no reason to think I would not see them again. After all, the usually came in once a week.

I remember coming in to work and seeing an obituary for him. I cried. It hurt. I was so thankful for listening to my intuition and spending time talking with them longer than usual.

I feel as though my life forever changed then. This man was always joyful, loving, happy and full of laughter. He did not ever talk about being sick. Like I said, I had no clue.

It really made me reflect on life and learn to appreciate each moment.

His wife and him were so sweet and you could see so much love between them.

This man taught me to give love and joy to the world. From that moment I felt a strong pull to needing to help people as much as possible. I began donating to causes I felt were worthy and just wanting to help people any way possible. Even if that meant only holding the door open for someone. Just to give someone something to smile about feels good.

This person spent his life full of love and even in his last days he did not pass up an opportunity to laugh. He taught me it is our gift to the universe to spread love.

So many people get caught up in their own life and “struggles”. Here’s a reminder. You are alive. Don’t waste a day.

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