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Alright, I have endless questions about being vegan and raw. It’s really hard to keep up and answer so many questions. I don’t want anyone to think I’m ignoring them. Thought I would do a blog post to try and answer some questions.

Many people are interested in why I went raw so I will first talk about that.

On June 19th 2012 I was walking to work and was listening to YouTube videos. At this point I stopped eating meat 8 months prior and had been vegan 4 months. I was feeling incredibly desperate and miserable. I was very unhappy in life. I was constantly in pain and exhausted. I was told was due to fibromyalgia and basically I would just live with it?! This just seemed bizarre to me. Why would anyone just accept feeling like crap? As a new vegan I had I been immersing myself into the vegan world trying to learn as much as possible. I stumbled across fully raw Kristina and freelee the banana girl. I then found many others. Quickly I seen how they are all so happy, radiating health. I wanted that. I decided that day I would start tomorrow. I ordered a case of oranges that day. Not sure why I chose oranges, lol. At that time I hadn’t learned about ripe bananas so bananas weren’t something I liked (yuck the idea of eating an unripe banana lol).

Literally within three days I felt SO much better. I felt like I was becoming a human again (I had felt like a zombie for so long). Pain was almost gone and my energy was up. I couldn’t believe it was as easy as changing my diet. Was shocked my doctor never told me (I went and told him how diet change impacted it ha).

I stayed raw for over a year. Then I thought maybe it would be okay to eat some cooked food. I gained some weight (I lost 25 lbs in the first 6 weeks raw), felt sluggish, and had pain again.

Over the next year I tried different diet approaches (all vegan of course and based around high carb low fat mostly fruit). I had a lot to learn (I’m still learning!) but easily came to conclusion that fully raw is above any other diet for me.

I struggled throughout my pregnancy but remained high fruit/raw. The beginning was most challenging as had the biggest food aversions then. It was hard emotionally to not be able to eat what I really wanted as well. I have come to terms with that though. We knew we would raise Lunabella this way as it’s incredible.

Basically- I just love raw. I believe in it so much. It can prevent / cure so many things. I truly believe nothing comes close to comparing.

I get asked a lot about what I eat for each meal so I will just give examples.

Breakfast: I like to start my day with hydrating fruits as often as possible. For me my favorite is a melon breakfast. I love honeydew and will easily eat 3-4 for breakfast. I often will blend half of a large watermelon on its own or with berries for breakfast (or just eat watermelon!).

When melon season is over I will switch to what’s available. Fresh orange juice, banana smoothie, green juice (occasionally).

Lunch: more often than not its just a repeat of breakfast or nice cream (click on the section “what I eat” for nice cream recipes and how to’s”.

Snacks: always fruit. Typically mono fruit meals (eating a meal of one thing).

Dinner: this is where I differ from many raw vegans. Most have a huge salad / veggie meal (lots of greens 1-2 lbs) for dinner. When I first jumped into the raw lifestyle I spent the first year consuming a lot of greens. Now I usually eat fruit for dinner. Personally I just feel my best on fruit. It makes me feel good and it’s what I crave. So right now I’m going with what my body is asking for. I usually have nice cream. Nice cream is probably my most favorite thing to eat!

So many people wonder how to start a raw lifestyle. I strongly suggest reading 80/10/10 by Douglas Graham. Also- read and watch as much as you can to learn as much as possible. Set yourself up for success. If you want this don’t procrastinate! Find yourself an accountability partner and use each other for encouragement!!

I just want to add that this is NOT a diet to lose weight. Although your ideal body weight will typically be achieved on this lifestyle within time- this is a lifestyle for healing and health first. This is NOT a quick fix for weightloss.

If you are needing support on your journey don’t hesitate to message me. I can help you get to some great Facebook groups etc.

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