Unedited Raw

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The above photos are random photos along my journey of weightloss and the past 7 months on a raw vegan lifestyle

OK so I just wanted to share a little bit about my story of being a raw vegan. I’m just going to talk about this recent time of being raw not previous times because now it’s what really what matters.

I was ore try low in postpartum depression and had terrible anxiety. I really felt like my life was was out of control and nothing could help. I was eating a primarily a raw diet. Despite being high raw I was suffering really badly still. I knew deep within that I really had to commit to being fully raw to heal. I also knew that we would be raising Lunabella raw vegan. So it was important for me to get back fully on board.

At the time I was completely desperate and I knew that I really had nothing to lose and only life to gain. Not everybody really knew how badly I was suffering because I was embarrassed and ashamed. I stayed home mostly so a lot of people didn’t see it. Those that did know I didn’t really tell the whole truth to either.

So once our family moved into the RV I decided it was the best time to start fresh. I started right away on a raw vegan lifestyle coming from high raw. February 23 was the first day. I just want to add by this time I had managed to lose around 40 pounds. It was also extremely difficult to lose the weight- I was working out six days a week for about four or five months.

Within the first week of being fully raw again I started feeling all different types of emotions. Prior I had been really feeling numb – I was either angry or sad or feeling nothing. So going back to raw I slowly started to feel as though I was a human again. By the time I was two or three weeks into raw I started feeling a lot like myself again.

In about a months time I would say I was completely back to normal. That truly was amazing because open till this point I had been suffering every single day. I had tried countless a holistic remedies to overcome depression and anxiety. They did help in small waysbut they did not get me to where I needed to be. It was literally almost immediate that i began to feel better while eating raw.

I dropped the remaining 30 pounds and very little time. I have now maintained a 70 pound weight loss for about 5 months my weight has stayed the same. I feel it’s important to add that I actually stopped working out once I went raw. My body just kept giving me signs that I needed to rest and take it easy and so I listened. And without even trying I lost the remaining weight and I am now 25 pounds below my prepregnancy weight.

I feel it’s extremely important to listen to our body and follow our intuition when we are on a healing and personal journey.

I try to share meals of what I’m eating often, because I want to give people inspiration of what are the possibilities. Often times people just think oh you probably just eat lettuce or you just eat bananas but I eat a wide variety of different foods. I never feel like I’m deprived of something I’m happy to eat this way-I love eating this way I feel like nothing compares to it.

Not only has it help me to maintain a 70 pound weight loss it’s truly given me my life back. I went from not even being able to go grocery shopping to loving life being able to talk to anybody and just feeling happy every day. Raw has given me myself back.

Veganism is not a diet I am vegan for the animals first. I am a raw vegan for my health and for my family. I feel like it’s really wrong to say that this is a diet it’s not a diet at all- it is a lifestyle. A lifestyle built upon compassion, love and health.

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