My First Reiki Experience


After going through my 4th miscarriage I felt like I had a nervous breakdown. I was completely shattered and my soul was in so much pain. After feeling so low and trapped in the dark I made a choice to do things to pull myself out.

I decided to try reiki. Now I have never done this before but I definitely believe in holistic healing. From my understanding reiki is to reduce stress, relaxation and promotes healing. These are all things I need bad right now. I believe the reiki practitioner taps into the universal energy to use on you.

I had no idea what to expect but at this point I figured I have nothing to lose only things to gain. I met the lady who had a very calm energy which made me feel at peace. I laid on the table and closed my eyes. Only a few short moments later I began to feel energy. At times it felt like energy was circling me and other times it felt like I was rocking with energy sort of like waves coming in and out. I could feel at times coolness and heat and I could feel it going up and down my body. I could also see orange (this is not the first time I saw orange energy, perhaps there is significance with it).

I almost felt as though I was not even laying there. Like I was weightless, not quite floating but I couldn’t feel myself actually laying on the table. My body was very light.

Now I’m not sure what she was doing as I had my eyes closed the entire time, but at the end it almost felt like she was flicking bad energy off of me. I could feel coolness during this time and at the same time it was like my body was grounding. I could slowly feel myself laying there. The entire time I could not feel myself lay there but here at the end all of a sudden I felt that.

I can’t choose the proper word to describe this experience. It was a little bizarre the things I felt but I want to stress I don’t mean that in a bad way. I have always felt energy and am affected by it greatly so this experience was really interesting to me.

I feel a lot lighter and relaxed after this session. I would definitely do again in the future.

My next new experience is going to be acupuncture this Friday. I’m really excited to give that a try as I’ve read a lot of positive things with it regarding fertility. I’ll share my thoughts on it after my appointment.

I’ve really been struggling and yesterday I felt a shift take place. I’m choosing to think good thoughts. I’m choosing to believe I’m worthy of all the things I desire. I’m choosing to believe hope is alive.

I’m coming back to myself and to feel partly like myself again gives me so much hope and peace.

I’m going to come out on top. I’m getting through this. I’m stronger than I ever knew.

One thought on “My First Reiki Experience

  1. I’m glad you discovered Reiki. It is a wonderful and gentle healing modality that has helped me personally a great deal more than acupuncture. 2 things: I hate needles 😉 and I wanted a modality that I could learn myself and practice at home. So, I did. Went all the way up to Reiki Master. You could easily find yourself a Reiki teacher you trust and get started. Can’t even begin to list all the benefits I’ve had in all areas of my life since I started regularly giving myself Reiki many years ago.

    That said: as for you seeing orange: that’s the color of the 2nd chakra – directly connected to issues of procreation and fertility. If I were you, I’d find out everything there is to know about the 2nd chakra, which thought patterns and subconscious programming are involved, what foods help, what exercises, etc. You can totally heal yourself from this. Just need to stop obsessing about it – because obsession usually leads to paralysis and not thinking straight. You’re a smart woman, you can figure this out. And either, you’ll end up clearing the blockages that prevent you from having another child, or you will release the need for another child altogether. Either way: you’ll be better off than right now. 🙂

    Starting points for info on the 2nd chakra: Anodea Judith and her work around manifestation, Cyndi Dale and her extensive mapping of the human energy body, as well as other books.

    And I know you’re not allowing my comments, which is fine. Only a sign of the deep seated insecurity you carry, nothing to do with me… I just hope you read this and take it to heart. Good luck!


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