Time to begin.


Day three of consciously choosing to eat healthy. Y’all the last two years have been so hard on my body. Getting pregnant 5 times, miscarrying 4. Stopping my raw vegan (always vegan tho) diet to purposefully gain weight (which included eating way more fat which I did as a choice to up my BMI) on and off hormones to support pregnancies, depression, dealing with trauma, chronic pain (fibromyalgia- flare ups coming back in full force since quitting raw) having a baby…it’s all taken a toll and I’ve come to a place I refuse to be in denial and I gotta own it. To be completely honest I could get used to being thick (lol) if it weren’t for the physical pain I feel with extra weight added to me. I have been “skinny” my whole life, my body is not used to this. I feel like I’ve made sacrifices physically to my body to support growing a human, which if you’ve known me for a while know how difficult that journey was this time. If y’all have any advice or suggestions on ideas for work outs at home that can be done with a baby and toddler let me know! Please don’t hit me up for your MLM schemes, not interested! I love myself enough to know I gotta do this. I’ve done it once before after I had Lunabella (my second) and I gotta do it again 😫😫😫😫 (was totally putting off because I KNOW how much effort it required last time).

PS I totally do miss bread. But fuck you bread 🖕🏻✌🏻 I am ready to acknowledge this and by posting this I am making myself hold to it. It won’t be easy but I have to do it. I deserve it and kick ass 🤘🏻

#startingoveragain #ihatebeingfat #fuckthis #vegan #mamadeservesthis #lifestylechange #notadiet #findingmeagain #fibromyalgia #momof3 #realitycheck #acknowledgement #honoryourbody


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