God is waiting for you to show up

Your God assignment is waiting for you. God is just waiting for you to show up.

Recently I had been called to change my blog from mainly a vegan based lifestyle blog to faith based. I ignored this for a little time and told myself that can’t be right. I hadn’t even been utilizing my blog recently so I had no idea why this thought would even come up. I made myself have doubt in faith making myself believe I am not as strong as I “should” be to do this. I thought about how I already lost a lot of “friends” and got way less “likes” on Facebook because I have turned my focus to God. And then I realized doing these things wasn’t for other people, it’s for Him.

I have been struggling lately and asking God “why” often. I was not understanding His plan and why I am battling things I’ve already battled. It made no sense to me and it made me angry. It is during these really difficult times that I have felt His grace. I had this feeling that going through this struggle again was going to build my foundation so strong with Jesus. It wasn’t making sense but then my perspective changed and through bible study I have felt called to share what I have been taking from it.

God uses broken people and I finally felt that happening. Through my total brokenness I have felt my faith being tested and it has only grown and gotten stronger. While going through loss and infertility before led me to God I still had so much more to grow. While I find myself in this again I can see things changing and I truly believe this heartache has led me to strengthen that relationship and begin to grow. Things can feel so unfair and doesn’t always make sense but He has a plan for us. We just don’t know what it is always. So while I have felt hurt, impatient and like I’m behind in the life I planned I have realized God has reserved for me already my destiny. I just need to be faithful. He has already got it covered.

It can often feel like God isn’t answering us or maybe it feels like nothing is happening. What we so easily forget is that He is busy preparing everything for us. We want big life changing events to happen to give us that obvious answer we are searching for but we forget God is doing His work in the every day mundane tasks of life. Commit your life to Him and let Him do His work in your life. Whatever He calls us to do be faithful and commit.

I may not know the plan but I know it’s important to listen when He shows himself to us. Whether others listen or not I am doing this for Him and look forward to strengthening my faith.

“Be still, and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10

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