What the Holy Spirit has been teaching me:

1. Receiving His comfort and love to begin to know how deeply surrounded I am by His presence. By being able to truly sit in His presence and receive I have been able to fully understand and truly believe who He says I am through Christ.

2. Learning to reflect on His goodness. While outward situations haven’t changed, everything within ME has. Being able to reflect on His goodness because of who HE is has taught me how consistently good He is- and no earthly situation takes an ounce of His goodness away.

3. Building a relationship that has placed me in a safe place where I can be vulnerable and share everything, because I truly know Him. Having a two way relationship as opposed to just believing “God is real” has taken me to a place of true worship and praise.

4. Learning to see what it is He is teaching me THROUGH this instead of asking “why is this happening again” or “please make this stop”. Going back to His word to see all the situations He took others THROUGH and how it was testimonies of His faithfulness, goodness and miracles.

5. Learning to live by spirit , not flesh. While I’m certainly not perfect He has been teaching me about obedience and taken me to a place where His Spirit is so ever present.

6. Teaching me about surrender. Learning to release and come to a place of sitting in His presence knowing He is enough.

7. Trust. This has been such a big one. The more you know someone the more you can trust them. Through knowing someone you develop a history and when you are unsure on things you can reflect on past experience. The thing with the Lord is He is always good, His track record is pretty amazing. Tonight He asked me “do you trust me enough to let go of that fully into my hands?” Learning to walk by faith not by sight. It’s about building that firm foundation of trust.

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