Jesus Still Speaks

As I sat in worship

My heart would break open

Exposing all the pain

As I worshipped the pain would ooze out and His goodness would rush in.

Never left with empty spaces aching from pain, it began to be deep rooted places for His goodness to grow.

Now as I sit in worship

You continually reveal Yourself to me

Showing me how You redeem, restore, heal and raise up broken to life again.

You take the hopeless and say “just you wait. You are to bring hope to the hopeless”

It didn’t make sense to me because I was the hopeless but You breathed Your life and hope into me.

Everything began to become different.

You took me on a journey of Your deep, deep love

How could I ever be the same after Your Spirit entered me and began touching every layer of me with healing, compassion, and strength?

Slowly but surely You rose me to life again.

Now a year later You tell me “the time is now”.

I still have no idea how Your master plan really works but You tell me I’ll see Your continuous faithfulness and goodness.

You have gained my trust and little by little I was able to surrender my pain.

You touched my sorrow and heartache with Your warm, loving touch and continue to heal me with a never ending warm embrace, promising me comfort that will never leave me.

You promised me that my hearts desires will come to fruition. Nearly two years of waiting again and it hasn’t happened yet but, You changed every part of me. You continue to whisper that You already said yes and that I just need to wait and see what’s to come.

You promised me the crown of life and showed me that I’m a warrior in heaven on earth. You show me glimpses of what’s to come and remind me to just hang on and stay close to You.

You say don’t get caught up in earthly distractions. You tell me I need not want because with You I have everything. You tell me how blessed I am and will continue to be because I believe the promises You’ve spoken. You tell me not to fall for Satan’s traps because no weapon formed against me shall prosper. You tell me I’ll have all I need and more if I continue to obey and stay on the narrow path.

✨ My child, don’t you see now this was way more than just about birthing new life? I saved you and built you into a magnificent follower of mine. Do you see now how I have had so much more for you? You are a great mom and will continue to be a mom to many. Many outside of your own bloodline. You will rise up the hopeless through me. Daughter of course I will honor my promises to you. Don’t set your dreams so short on earthly things. You were made for more. You just had no idea what I’d have you do and I’ve taken you on the journey of radical growth. Rehabilitation to your truest form- shedding off worldly expectations freeing yourself of limitations, so you can walk in my purest glory. You will walk so close to me. You will see the goodness of every single hurt and tear shed. You are becoming more, allowing more of me to fill you. Don’t stop now child, it’s only the beginning. ✨

As I sit in worship

I soak in all Your words to me

Your small quiet voice becomes louder and bigger as I go deeper into Your presence

I can feel Your presence in the air, I can feel Your Spirit flowing, vibrating throughout every part of my being

You rain down healing and victory onto me

I bask in all that You are

You tell me I will never again be hopeless because You are in me and You are the hope. And that is the mission You have given me. To share that You take the broken and hopeless and fill us so deeply with Your Holy Spirit that You restore. You restore us to our purest form, a new creation through You, fearfully and wonderfully made. You take us to knowing who You say we are.

And when You take us to this place You remind us to share with the world that NO word from You will ever fail.

You take what is shattered and recreate us into our purest most holy sacred beauty. All glory to You. You take what people say is hopeless and unworthy to hope filled and worthy through You.

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