Nectarine Surprise

  Nectarine Surprise Nice Cream In your blender or food processor mix on high the following: 2 fresh nectarine, 1 tsp vanilla and 3 shakes of apple pie spice. Once well combined add in 4-5 frozen bananas and mix until ice cream consistency! It’s delicious!

Raw is Love (ebook)

  This is a raw vegan (high carb low fat raw vegan) cookbook (uncookbook)recipe book. I share my personal experiences on how living a raw vegan lifestyle saved my life. I have lost 70 lbs, healed fibromyalgia, overcame postpartum depression/anxiety with a raw food diet. I share my personal experience with domestic violence. I share … More Raw is Love (ebook)


I have been so busy I haven’t posted here in forever! I have been working on my recipe book. I now am working on the main dishes / snacks section then have desserts and I’m done! Still have room for changes or additions if anyone has any suggestions! Im excited to share my life with … More Uncookbook


Bare with me- this may come out mind rambling…it can be difficult to express these thoughts but I must get them down to save . Have you ever really thought about what’s out there in the universe? As as I have gone through life I feel as though I have discovered more and more possibilities. … More Infinite

Numerology of 9

  Since I have met my husband nearly everything of importance has somehow been connected to a 9. It was not intentional but over time I kept noticing this. Today on Facebook when showing my memories it showed that two years ago today (June 9) we went on a bike ride. It was actually the … More Numerology of 9